1.0 Gamers Geeks Terms and Conditions

The Terms & Conditions apply to the relation between you and www.gamers-geeks.com, and also cover your access to the Gamers Geeks online shop. By using Gamers Geeks online store you acknowledge that you have read, comprehend and agree to all of our Terms and Conditions

If you don’t agree to Gamers Geeks terms and conditions, you must stop using our services or accessing This Site immediately.


2.0 Definitions

These terms and expressions used through Terms and Conditions means:

2.1.  Gamers Geeks or gamers-geeks or www.gamers-geeks.com or we or us or This Site: the company GAMERS GEEKS LTD a private limited company bearing Company Number 13131550, having its register office at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ, UNITED KINGDOM.

2.2.   Terms & Conditions and Agreement: These terms, conditions, polices , and notices mentioned in this page.

2.3.    Buyer or User or You: any person who is using gamers-geeks or registered on www.gamers-geeks.com website.

2.4.    Product: items, goods, or services in digital form , which can be purchased by the user from www.gamers-geeks.com.

2.5.    Digital Key or License key or Code: a serial code referenced to a certain product registered to a certain console or platform, this code is used to redeem a credit or subscription or other on the mentioned platform.

2.6.    Privacy Policy: www.gamers-geeks.com’s privacy protocols mentioned in www.gamers-geeks.com/privacy .

2.7.   Place order: all user payment information provided by user will be processed by payment gateway, upon completion confirmation, product will be emailed to user submitted /registered email.


3.0 Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

3.1.   By using this website you herby agrees and accepts the Terms & Conditions completely without any reservations.

3.2.   You confirm that under any domestic laws related to your country that you are legally able to bind agreements. additionally you are not prohibited from using This Site and services offered on it due to your country of residence regulations or laws.

3.3.    You completely agree that Gamers Geeks may amend this agreement at any time at Gamers Geeks sole discretion. Noting that Gamers Geeks will notify with any changes to the agreement, but not required to provide you with prior notification. of any change. The changes to Terms & Conditions will not affects user rights.

3.4.   The amend Terms & Conditions will be published on this page and become binding in seven days. The user who does not agree to the Terms & Conditions shall stop using www.gamers-geeks.com immediately. 


4.0 Account and Registration

4.1.   If you like to use www.gamers-geeks.com, you may create a personalized account using your name, a unique password, email and phone number.

4.2.   Once the registration process is complete, you are obliged that all the information provided is updated and valid, specially the email account, as this info will be used for your purchase deliveries and for contacting purpose.

4.3.   You are completely responsible for your own account credentials security, you shall not share your account password with any third party or personnel. 

4.4.   Gamers Geeks reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time in case of violation of Terms and conditions or misuse of This Site.

4.5.   You have the right to use www.gamers-geeks.com for personal purpose use only, but you are not allowed to copy, or resell any product on This Site.


5.0 User Content

5.1.   Gamers Geeks is not responsible for any misuse of your content. you are solely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from and content that you submit, post, upload, link to.

5.2.   Reviews, blogs, or posts submitted on www.gamers-geeks.com is provided for information only, in such way that there is no assurance that content mentioned in this clause is accurate or correct.

5.3    User agrees and accepts that Gamers Geeks has the right to, at its sole discretion, view and monitor user based content, and to determine whether or not any user content is appropriate and complies with Terms & Conditions or violates Gamers Geeks Privacy Policy, accordingly, Gamers Geeks has the right to edit or remove content that is violating Terms and Conditions.


6.0 Payments

6.1.    Using of www.gamers-geeks.com, creating accounts is free of charge.

6.2.    Prices listed on www.gamers-geeks.com at the moment of purchase applies.

6.3.    User can make payments through the available payment channels provided in checkout.

6.4.    Use of certain payment channels may incur additional fees for the payment service provider.

6.5.    You agree and acknowledge that payments are non refundable.

6.6.    Upon payment completion Gamers Geeks will deliver the purchased product to the user’s registered / submitted email.

6.7.   By choosing a payment method, you acknowledge and agree to the payment service provider’s terms and conditions available on their website.

6.8.   At the instance of problem related to payment made through websites of payment service providers, you shall contact the payment service provider.

6.9.   You confirm that funds used to pay for products or services on www.gamers-geeks.com are legit and from lawful source.

6.10. Digital products and services or any intangible products are delivered to purchaser instantly, and cannot be canceled or refunded by customer,
          accordingly; after payment completion, no refund is available. Refer to Refund & Return Policy for details.


7.0 Limitation of Liability

7.1.    Gamers Geeks is not responsible to any damage resulting from the following:

7.1.1. User violation of Terms and conditions, including submission of false data, or info.

7.1.2. User sharing personal data with third parties or other personnel.

7.1.3. Damage, harm, fraud, compensation, for other users or third parties.

7.1.4. Any adverse consequences resulting from access, use of or inability to use This Site du to reasons beyond Gamers Geeks control.

7.1.5. User usage of any digital product in a way it shall not be used or fit.

7.1.6. Delivery of product not completed die to technical problems related to payment service provider errors.

7.2     Gamers Geeks is on liable for providing guaranteed digital products within 24 hours of payment completion by User.



8.0 Miscellaneous

8.1.   This agreement between Gamers Geeks and you, and any access to www.gamers-geeks.com is governed by laws of the United Kingdom.

8.2.   You have the right to terminate this agreement by not accessing or using www.gamers-geeks.com.

8.3.   You may request your account deletion by contacting us through email.

8.4.   Gamers Geeks has the right to terminate your account in case of any evidence of miss use of This Site or violation to Terms & Conditions by you.




You hereby acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted to be bound by these Terms and Conditions




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