XBOX Live Gold – 1 Month

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Duration: 1 Month

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XBOX Live Gold – 1 Month

Information about this product

This is a digital product, once you complete payment, the product will be sent to you instantaneously, there will be no refund available if you changed your mind. 

XBOX Live Gold – 1 Month, is redeemable worldwide (Global).

After payment is completed your product key (code) will be given to you straight away on order completion page, additionally, the product key (code) will be emailed to your registered/submitted email.

What is XBOX Live Gold?

As an Xbox Live Gold Member, you get the most advanced multiplayer, bonus games, and exclusive member discounts in Microsoft Store. With Xbox Live Gold, you can stay connected with friends, family, and Xbox Live members around the world.

XBOX Gift Card Restrictions

  • The Gift Card code must be for the same region as your account. If you have a physical card, look for a printed flag indicating its country. 
How to Redeem?
Redeem gift cards and codes to make Xbox purchases and extend your Microsoft subscriptions (Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, etc.).
Codes are 25 characters long, include both numbers and letters, and follow a 5×5 format—five blocks of five characters, printed on a card purchased from a retailer.

1-Redeem through the Website

  1. From a web browser, go to Redeem a code
  2. Sign in, enter the 25-character code, then follow the prompts. Don’t worry about hyphens, the system takes care of those for you.

2-Redeem through XBOX Series X|S and Xbox One

  1. Sign in to your Xbox console (make sure you’re signed in with the Microsoft account you want to redeem the code with).
  2. From the Home screen, select and open the Store app. (If the Store app is not displayed, go to My games & apps, select Apps, and select the Store app from there.)
  3. In the Store app, move the cursor left or press the View button  on the controller to open the side menu.
  4. From that menu, select Redeem.
  5. Enter 25-character code, and then follow the prompts. Don’t worry about hyphens, the system takes care of those for you.

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